Randall Samples

SPOTLIGHT Of The WEEK Goes To...  Randall Samples

Randall defines "being nice" 

He has the ability to provide positive affirmations and enjoys lifting others up with his words and compliments. Not only is he authentic and sincere, but he is also forgiving when mistakes are made and takes ownership when he needs to - always working to find a solution. His extremely patient and positive presence around others genuinely makes others feel welcome and cared for.

Randall is also one of the most gracious and generous individuals that I know. He gives back to Marsing students, his church, the school and the Marsing community by asking very little, if anything, in return. 

When in need, he is relied upon by many within the community and school, as people understand that he will provide the help that he can with no strings attached. Like us all, there are times that he becomes frustrated, but that is typically responded with thoughtful humor, which lightens the situation, and allows for reflection and problem solving. 

Randall is also extremely humble and fair, deflecting credit when given, but always looking out for the greater good. His selfless and genuine demeanor, his treatment of others, and ability to handle multiple different situations in a positive way, is contagious and creates a domino effect within our school and community.     

Thank you Randall for everything you do for Marsing!