HS Update December 2022

-We Are Respectful   -We Are Responsible   -We Are Ready To Learn 

  • HAPPY Holidays and Merry Christmas!! NO SCHOOL December 22nd-Jan 3rd     

  • Exceptional Huskies!  Congratulations to Alex Worley, Sophia Floyd, Adriel Blas and Anahli Montes as Exceptional Students of the Month for October.  These students are great examples of what it means to be “MARSING-Respectful-Responsible-Ready”. 

  • End of Semester 1: Grading period ends Dec 21st.  Report cards to be mailed home Thursday Dec 22nd. 

  • Attendance Notification Letters: Students with more than 7 absences in any class should have appeal letters submitted by Dec 20th.  Students will be notified of appeal decisions by Jan 5th.  

  • Closed Campus Reminder:   -This includes the lunch break.  Students should not be allowed to leave campus to pick up lunch. 

  • Cell Phones in Class: We have seen an increase in student discipline referrals for inappropriate cell phone use during class. I have asked teachers to increase their efforts to monitor.  -First Offense-Student Warning-Teacher will take phone and keep until end of class.

-Second Offense-Students phone will be turned into the office and students can collect at end of school day from office. 

-Third Offense-Students phone will be turned into the office and arrangements will be made for parent/guardian to pick up from office. 

  • Substitute Teachers Needed We are still in need of substitute teachers.  Please contact the District Office if interested.  YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED. 

Student Reminders:

  • Attendance Policy: 7 Day Limit-This includes Excused and Unexcused Absences. Students with over 7 absences in any class will be at risk of losing credit and required to petition in order to earn credit.

  • We Are A Closed Campus: Student Safety is our priority. This includes our parking lot for HS Students during the school day.   

  • Student Phones: Students will not be allowed to use phones during class time.  Students' phones should not be visible during class time. 

  • Hats/Hoodies: Please remind your students that hats/hoodies (covering head) should not be worn inside the building. *Hooded sweatshirts are allowed-just don’t wear the hood*  

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Mr. Porter 

Marsing HS Principal 

Go Huskies!!