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Marsing High School is a leader in technology throughout the state. (Click Here to see commercial). The Gear-Up program helps students enroll in college classes on-line while attending Marsing High School and holds "College Fridays" from 8am-12pm each Friday. 

Marsing High School also has a Chromebook for every student in Math and Langauge Arts classes.  Laptops are available for students to check out in the library as well. We also have three computer labs with 25 computers each. 

The Idaho Educational Network (IEN) is also available for students to expand learning. This gives more opportunity for our students to take classes or view courses and interact with teachers anywhere in the world in real time!  Students are able to take classes from universities throughout the world without ever leaving the building.  This technology enables our students to take subjects that were not available before; such as dental hygienist training, equine training, and early childhood education.