Marsing High School and the State of Idaho have specific requirements for graduation from High School.  Students must have 48 credits.  A credit is defined as a passing mark of “D” or higher in a state approved class.

A student must meet all of the following criteria:

1.  48 total credits, including:

English 8 credits
Math 6 credits
Science 6 credits (4 must be lab courses)
U.S. History 2 credits
American Government 2 credits
Economics 1 credit
Careers 1 credit
Speech 1 credit
Health 1 credit
Physical Education 2 credits
Humanities 4 credits (Two must be academic)
Electives 15 credits
Total 48 credits

In addition to the above every student must take a math class every year, accumulating at least 6 credits.

2.  Students must successfully complete a senior project.

The senior project is a comprehensive assignment that is designed to be a culmination of each student’s academic experiences from his/her high school career.  Senior projects include a formal research paper, a comprehensive writing portfolio, student/mentor collaboration, development of a career-related product and a final presentation of the product.  The project actually starts in the ninth grade and builds through a student’s senior year.  The senior project will evaluated on May 7, 8 with a make-up date of May 15.

3.  Pass the Idaho State Achievement Tests (ISAT). 

All students are required to be proficient in these tests in order to graduate.

In addition to the above, the class of 2013 must take either the SAT, ACT or Compass exam by the end of grade 11.

Colleges often require more mathematics and science.  Some colleges require foreign language and fine arts.  It is the student’s responsibility to check district and college requirements when selecting classes each year.