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Senior Project Information

The Senior Project is an activity and assessment that will be required for all graduating seniors.  It demonstrates a senior's ability to write, speak, problem-solve, apply knowledge and skills and to practice the life skills of time management, organization and risk-taking.  It is a state mandated one-credit requirement of all seniors.  There are four phases of the Senior Project:  Portfolio, Project, Paper, and Presentation.  The Portfolio will be a compilation of materials created and utilized by the student, documenting the individual's educational journey.  The Project requires student to apply the knowledge gained during research in the thinking, design, and/or actual production of project.  The Paper will be on a topic of the student's choice and will involve all the researching skills necessary for coming to a deeper understanding and knowledge about the student's chosen subject.  The Presentation will be the final phase which requires the student to speak to a board of judges about the Senior Project.

(1 semester credit; offered 1st or 2nd semester and on-line.  Students electing to take the on-line version will have the same VHS instructor and complete identical course work.)

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Senior Project of Marsing High School is to provide an opportunity for each student to demonstrate his/her readiness to become a productive citizen of the world community.


Vision Statement:

Marsing High School values the Senior Project and has a clear vision of what the project will accomplish.  Students will become:

  • Self-directed achievers
  • Involved in community
  • Collaborative workers
  • Critical thinkers with-
    • A strong work ethic
    • Strong research skills
    • Expert presentation skills