Tammy Aranzamendi

I moved to the Marsing area from Nampa when I married my husband 29 years ago.  We have two children and a Golden Retriever. My husband and both of my children are graduates of Marsing High School. We are a Husky Family.  In my spare time I like to read, spend time with my family and I love movies and music. I am a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University. I earned my bachelors degree in elementary education.  Going to school, taking care of my family, doing homework and subbing  was challenging but well worth it.

I began my career in education as a classroom volunteer. When my children were both in school I became a substitute teacher. Somewhere in my second or third year of subbing I decided that I wanted to be the teacher. With a lot of encouragement from my family I went back to school. I did my student teaching here at Marsing Elementary. The staff here has given me encouragement, advice and they have treated me like an extended member of the staff. I cannot think of a better place to continue my career.  

I always wanted to be a teacher but I did not take the traditional route of college after high school. No matter what job I had I was always training others and loved teaching. As much as I love teaching I also love learning.  In education every day is a new experience and there is rarely a dull moment. For me there is no greater feeling than seeing a student’s face light up when they understand. The best part of my day is when a student stops me and says Mrs. Aranzamendi, remember when you taught me how to…  Knowledge as well as a love of learning is what I hope to instill in my students.  

Carol Dewitt

I first taught third grade in 1997- and I loved it!  This is my fifth year at Marsing where I fulfilled roles as math intervention teacher, educational assistant, and the seventh grade ELA teacher.

Fourth grade is where students begin to establish their learning habits and decide what they like and dislike about learning and school.  I am proud to be a part of that development and very excited to help students maintain their LOVE for learning and exploring knowledge- crucial for success in school and life.

I am thrilled to be the lead math teacher for the fourth grade because math is part of everyday and everything.  We will explore math concepts and practice math skills ALL DAY- to assist students in realizing the importance of knowing and understanding how to work with and manipulate numbers, and gain awareness of how/when/where math influences our actions and activities throughout our daily lives.

I have three lovely daughters and two grandchildren.  We enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, and being “rock hounds”.  I have a passion for cooking and creating art- always very messy activities.  I also enjoy puzzling, reading a good book, gardening, and trying anything new. 

My MOTTO: “CHANGE is not just good, but excitingly unexpected- welcome and embrace it!”

Parents/Guardians: “Thank YOU” for the opportunity to teach and learn with your wonderful children.

Sincerely, Carol A. DeWitt